Best Ways to Use Your Conservatory

An image of a conservatory and a side window

A functional conservatory is a fantastic addition to the home and having the option to utilise it however you please can be both a gift and a curse. In some cases, you may have built a conservatory with an idea already in mind but if this is not the case, read on to try and trigger that lightbulb moment!

Kitchen Extension

In most homes, the kitchen is placed next to the conservatory and even though there is likely no plumbing leading to the conservatory area itself, it can still be utilised for appliances or extended kitchen worktops if you find your current kitchen just isn’t large enough to suit your needs.

Dining Room

Just like in the aforementioned kitchen extension, using your conservatory for a dining area would likely come from a lack of space in your current dining area. Expanding or creating a specific dining room within your conservatory can help provide space you may have trouble finding elsewhere in the home. If your conservatory is also insulated, you will find yourself able to enjoy meals while taking in the beautiful outside world year-round. If your conservatory is not insulated and you’re considering getting the process done or even if you’re simply looking to assess your options, get in touch with us on 024 7704 3783 or get in touch via our contact us form.

Office Space

Most of us will have had experiences working in dimly lit offices or having to work in a particularly dark part of the home due to space limitations, scientific studies state that while working in darker surroundings does not entirely inhibit your working ability, being in direct contact with sunlight can increase productivity, mood, and even decrease depression. If your job involves you working from home, using your conservatory as an office area is a fantastic way to keep yourself in sync with nature while having access to a designated workspace.


Many homes have some form of storage integrated somewhere in them, this may be anywhere from a cupboard or converted closet to a whole room deigned to serve as storage. If you have multiple people living in the home, the current storage solutions will likely not be enough to cater to everyone and you may find yourself being forced to buy additional furniture or set up shelving in order to mitigate the mess this would otherwise cause. By using your conservatory as a storage solution, you create a dedicated space in which possessions can be organised reducing the mess in the rest of the home.

A conservatory serves as an aesthetically pleasing part of the home which due to its nature as currently unused space can be utilised however you would like, usually to compensate for areas in your home which may be either lacking or not present.

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