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Electrical Services HeatSave UK

There are an assortment of electrical issues that may arise when carrying out home development, from accidental damage to the removal of a vital circuit. With there being so much that could go wrong, it is vital to choose a company that provides a high standard of electrical services and are versatile enough to work seamlessly within your property. At Heat Save UK we offer a diverse range of bespoke electrical services including; testing, rewiring, additional/replacement consumer units, sockets, and light fittings. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you.

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You may be completely unaware of any issues presiding within your electrical system if you do not have checks carried out regularly. Our testing services are designed to expose these issues so they can be addressed before they are given the opportunity to cause harm. We do this by identifying vulnerable areas of the electrical system which may be prone to short-circuits or even fire when experiencing heavy usage. Testing often comes hand-in-hand with many of our home improvement services as it identifies areas of the property that shouldn’t be altered while also keeping our team and contractors safe.


The electrical currents that pass through wiring have greatly increased over the past few years, wires that were perfectly functional when they were installed can now be struggling to keep up with the modern appliances. This often leads to damage to the wiring itself and greatly increases the chances of a short-circuit or fire. Through our rewiring service we look to replace the wiring in your property with wires that are better equipped to deal with the additional electrical currents. If you think that the wiring in your property is showing signs of degradation, get in touch with a member of the Heat Save UK team today.

Replacement Sockets and Light Fittings

Power sockets and light fittings provide functionality to a property, when they show damage, stop functioning as intended, or simply aren’t present, parts of the property can become far more inconvenient to use on a day-to-day basis. At Heat Save UK we provide new or replacement sockets and light fittings in a multitude of different styles and sizes which can keep your property looking and functioning at 100%.

Replacement Consumer Units

One of the most vital components of the home when it comes to electrics is the consumer unit. Acting as a supply line between your mains and each individual circuit around your property, a fully functional consumer unit quite literally keeps the lights on in your home. Due to the precarious nature of consumer units, it is heavily recommended that you get an electrical specialist to carry out the replacement, at Heat Save Uk we are able to offer safety testing as well as the entirety of the replacement process.

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Heat Save done a fantastic job on insulating our conservatory roof, we can’t say thank you enough to the 2 installers that came and done a fantastic job. Would recommend 100%.

Mrs Smith, Coventry

Really happy with the quality and workmanship, Grandkids love playing in the conservatory now. Done in 1 day would recommend.

Mr & Mrs Nevin

From start to finish very polite and professional. No pushy salesman, Really love there attitude for wanting to do quality. Really happy with our insulated conservatory roof

Mr Cork

So happy with our insulated roof and that me and my wife can enjoy it at last. Done a fantastic job

Mr Robbinson
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