Why Building Insulation is Vital

An image of a cabin wall being insulated

Building insulation is a vital part of ensuring your home retains the heat or the cool regardless of outside temperatures, there are some climates in which building insulation is not needed due to consistent comfortable temperature. Unfortunately, this cannot be said for the English climate and the constant changes in temperature from day to day may be lessened through the use of insulation. Whilst many may believe that insulation is as simple as temperature retention there is also an environmentally friendly element to it whereby a well-insulated home reduces the production of carbon emissions, read on to find out why building insulation is so important.


The chief reason behind why many insulate their homes will be due to issues of temperature. While many homes may already contain a form of insulation within their walls, external structures such as conservatories, orangeries or outhouses may not and therefore suffer at the whims of the English weather making them less functional during the more extreme months. Compensating for temperature changes is a vital part of the insulation procedure which makes the building more comfortable for those using it.

Gas Emissions

Reducing the impact on the environment that we have as humans has quickly become a national priority and one of the leading ways to do so can be through the insulation of our homes, offices, or any other buildings we may have access to. Via its flourish onto the global stage, gas emissions have earned a lot of attention from worldwide corporations and massive strides in technology have been made in order to try and control the issue. While a carbon capture and storage device will likely play a huge part in reducing the damage to the environment in the coming years, few have the financial sway to be able to set one up in the living room. Insulation on the other hand plays a role through the reduction in heating or cooling costs due to the improved temperature storage, a building can reduce energy usage by up to 70% making it a vital feature for protecting the environment.


As mentioned in the gas emissions section, proper insulation helps with the retention of temperature leading to a lower need for heating or cooling devices. One of the major assets to this is the reduction in energy bills for the owner of the building. Heating a building during a freezing winter or cooling it during a boiling summer can produce some ridiculously high energy bills especially when used nonstop. Insulating your home reduces the impact that the more extreme months will have on your purse.

Building insulation is vital in keeping the environment protected while also saving yourself money in the long term, surely there is no reason not to get your building insulated!

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